How It Works

Sample a little or a lot. Only pay for what you pour.

insert card icon

Place your card into card reader.

angle glass icon

Angle glass at 45°

tap icon

Open tap entire way.

pour icon

Pour/ Pay by the ounce.

enjoy icon

Grab the card + enjoy your drink!

Getting a drink has never been faster! With PourMyBeer's self-serve technology, you can go from door to pour in 27 seconds. All it takes to begin pouring is getting your ID checked and opening a tab, and then you're all set to enjoy the power of self-serve! You can sample as much or as little as you'd like and try local beverages that you've never had before!

Once you try the fun of self-pour, you'll never want to go back! Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to check in, pour, and check out!