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Our Story

At Overflow, it’s all about you. But, we thought you’d like to learn a bit about us too and why it means so much to us to do what we do.

First, we're Lake Norman area families. That means we're invested in this community and its people. We care about bringing something special to this area that we call home. Second, we're passionate about everything we do. We're passionate about providing you with an outstanding experience every time you choose to spend some time with us at Overflow. We're passionate about customer service and work hard every day to make all our guests feel welcomed, cared about, and taken care of. And we're passionate about football. Yep - football. You'll find us cheering - loudly - for a variety of teams based on where we grew up and where we're raising our own families. We welcome your football passions, too! Overflow is the culmination of the dreams and hard work of three local families, all passionate about bringing their best - and the best - to this community.

Meet the Foxes

With previous stops in New Hampshire and Ohio, the Fox family has made their home in the Lake Norman area since 2002. Mark, Stephanie, and their daughter Grace love all the Lake Norman area provides as well as its proximity to the many Low Country towns and beaches.

The Foxes love taking on DIY projects to the point where they're ready to call DIY a bonafide hobby! When they're not hitting up local home improvement stores or elbow deep in a project, you're likely to find the Foxes enjoying time together on the golf course.

No matter what form their work or play takes, it usually ends with a cold beverage as they plan their next adventure. Whether it's another DIY project, the next round of golf, or an extended trip up and down the Intracoastal Waterways, the Fox family is always up for excitement!

Meet the Jarretts

David and Stacy Jarrett met at UNC Charlotte, married right after graduation, and never left the area!

They bring their dedication to building community and serving others to all they do, from their church family to Overflow.

David and Stacy enjoy their daughter Riley's elaborate baking creations and supporting their son Logan as he competes in collegiate golf tournaments. The Jarretts also love traveling, playing golf and watching sports of all kinds.

Meet the Herberths

Erik and Julee met at Ohio University, moved to Charlotte shortly after graduation, and the Lake Norman area has been their home ever since.

Erik, Julee, and their daughter Kenzie enjoy spending time together at the pool, hiking, and playing sports. Erik and Julee look forward to cheering on their favorite teams as they wear their gear, cheer, and drink beer!



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